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Before using the DEUFRABASE, we strongly recommend that users take note of the methodology and the definition of input data (road, pavement, traffic).

The use of the DEUFRABASE is your responsibility and expertise. Despite all the attention given to the development of this tool, the authors and their institutions cannot be held responsible for any difficulties and damages encountered following the use of the data that have been produced with the DEUFRABASE.

What results are displayed?

The DEUFRABASE displays three results:

  • the A-weighted equivalent sound LA,eq at the receiver for each 1 hour-period of the day, including the Lden for each road pavement;
  • the Lden for each road pavement (same result as above);
  • the 1 hour LA,eq spectrum between 100 Hz and 4000 Hz, for each road pavement.

Data export: you can export data using the button "Download XLS".

Running the DEUFRABASE

Using the menu buttons, the procedure is the following (in this order):

  1. Select ONE road geometry/configuration (Geometry);
  2. Select ONE or MORE road pavement(s) (Pavement);
  3. Define the traffic data (Traffic);
  4. Explore the results (Results);

If needed, you can come back to the previous menu without losing information.

On the 'Results' page, you  can click on one or more caption elements (i.e. one or more pavements) to remove the corresponding elements from the charts.

See the case studies for some examples of DEUFRABASE uses.

The DEUFRABASE v2 is still available but no longer maintained.